About Us and Our Rockwall Texas Solar Business

Home grown business helping people understand home solar.

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We are a small home business solar company that represents several online and offline solar companies and dealers. When you choose us you get the opportunity to pick from several solar panel systems from DIY to a complete turn key system. It's up to you how much money you will be spending on your solar energy system. Visit the Our Services page to learn more about just what we do and offer.

Find The Size System You Need

A Rockwall, Texas business that puts the customer first and helps you find the best system to fit your needs. Some people want a complete solar panel system with all the extras and money is no object. While other homeowners want the basics but still want a high quality system at a reasonable price.

DIY Solar Backyard Building or Shed

DIY or solar for your backyard shed or out building? Many people would like to have electricity in their backyard building or garage. Placing several solar panels on the rooftop of their out building is a simple task to do. Some people can do this on their own by following the simple instructions. All you need is one of our low cost solar panel systems to power up your project.