Perfect Solar Panel System For You From Rockwall Solar

Everyone is different so we supply different solar panel systems to fit individual wants and needs. Have you ever purchased something and afterwards thought to your self, I wish I had of got this or that. Our solar systems can be added on if needed. Do you want a lithium-ion battery backup system? How about extra solar panels? Do you want your back yard building to have electricity?

DIY House Solar Kit

Whole house solar panel system with battery backup. The perfect solution to power your house day and night. Solar panels for the day and a lithium-ion battery backup system.

This kit has it all. Prices start at $6,000 and go up from there. Usually a permit and plans will be needed for local authorities to approve. This is for the electrician or the handyman person that can install their own solar panel system.

Your solar kits come complete with instructions and qualifies for the 30% Federal Government solar tax credit if you qualify. Contact your CPA

Turn Key Solar Solution

Whole house solar system is a complete solar panel system with all the wiring, solar panels, inverters, electrical boxes and optional batteries need to be a grid connected system. By day you run your house by way of rooftop solar panels. At night your system switches over to the grid and get electricity from your local electric company or the battery backup system. This system is usually set up for net metering, a process of selling excess electricity back to your electric company.

Prices rage from $25.000 to $100,000

DIY Backyard Building Shed - Hunting Camp

If you have a camp, out building, or shed this may be the best solution to get electricity to them. This also works for for RV's and boats.

Get a small solar panel system starting with one 300 watt solar panel a 600 watt inverter and a lithium-ion battery. This is our smallest DIY kit.

If you need to run a window air conditioner, refrigerator and some lights you will need a larger solar system. A 1-kw to 4-kw system will take care of just about anything you need. Smaller units will need 3 - 300 watt solar panels and go up from there.